Structural Repair
August 30, 2018
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Façade Repair
Loose Panels and Water Leaks

Alliance remedial was tasked with repairing a building façade, damaged by high winds and heavy rainfall. The building was 15 stories high with one elevation finished In CFC sheeting that was now loose in some areas and allowing water to track back into units.

A façade engineer was engaged to determine the cause of the failure as well as design to avoid this problem from occurring. The engineer results found the mechanical fixing used were not adequate for their application and the panels would need to be reinforced.

As the building was occupied, a team of licensed abseilers was used to carry out the works, removing the need for scaffold and minimising disturbance to residents. The works were also staged to allow for better quality control and provide our engineers a chance to inspect the details.

The project was complete in two months with a full sign off from our façade engineer.


$480 000

Contract Value