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Cladding Replacement

Cladding has become a common design element of architects and builders, due to its aesthetically pleasing design.

Fire Safety and External Wall Cladding

In order to provide certainty for homeowners and residents across the state, an audit of multi-story residential buildings in NSW have been undertaken with more than 33,000 letters being sent out to building owners, residents and local Councils. These letters were sent to the owners of identified buildings to provide information about risk reduction and the engagement of suitable fire safety practitioners to undertake assessments of building fire safety.

FRNSW has spent well over 23,000 hours inspecting buildings suspected of having cladding. As at 12 February 2019, 447 buildings have been identified by the NSW Cladding Taskforce as requiring further assessment as a high priority because they appear to have cladding in a quantity or configuration that may pose an increased risk to occupants and fire fighters in the event of a fire.

Aluminium Composite Panel Ban

Cladding is often used to cover the external walls of a building. The use of composite panels, such as aluminium composite panels are common in Modern buildings. They are generally two thin sheets of aluminium separated by a core made up of polyethylene (PE), mineral fibre or a combination of both, and can contribute to how easily the cladding burns and its potential to spread fire.

See the Ban Notice for further information.

With over 23 000 hours of Building inspections and 447 buildings that have been identified by the NSW Cladding Taskforce, if your cladding does not conform to the new standards set down by the ABCB not only are you at risk of breaking the law, but you are putting the lives of the building occupants at risk.

In NSW, ACP (Aluminium Composite Panel) with a core comprised of more than 30% PE by mass has been banned for use in any external cladding, external wall, external insulation, facade or rendered finish in buildings. Owners are encouraged to get in touch with their owners’ corporation (if they live in a strata scheme) or their local council or a relevant fire safety professional to assess their building.



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Providing turnkey solutions for buildings and structures.

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Alliance Remedial is capable to provide turnkey solutions through services that include design, engineering, access, installation and project management to satisfy your project requirements. Our capabilities include and are not limited to Detailed reporting of project defects, Reinstatement of weather sealing, Window replacement and Cladding replacement.

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